BIT - Bachelor of Information Technology

Programme Code: 02130082

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The Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology at the University of Pretoria is a leading source of graduates in the engineering, built environment and information technology professions. We achieve this by a focus on research to drive innovative and enquiry-led teaching for educating and positioning our students to be leaders in their professions. The Faculty has extensive and cutting-edge teaching, learning and laboratory facilities integrated with the excellent suite of facilities and services offered by the University. We facilitate access to our qualifications through our extended study programmes, but expect our students to excel and develop as future professionals through our study programme offering. We invite you to consider enrolling in one of our study programmes if you share our vision of excellence and want to position yourself as a leader in the professions that we support.

The Faculty is organised in four schools: the School of Engineering, the School for the Built Environment, the School of Information Technology and the Graduate School of Technology Management. The School of Information Technology is unique and the first of its kind in South Africa, where students have the advantage of an integrated approach to information technology (IT) with study programmes and modern laboratories in Computer Science, Informatics and Information Science.
The University of Pretoria aims to be internationally competitive, while also locally relevant. Advisory boards at both faculty and departmental level promote alignment and excellence in our teaching and research activities. Where applicable and available, our study programmes are accredited by statutory and professional bodies at both national and international level.


More programme information

This exciting study programme is the first of its kind in South Africa and integrates, in a four-year study programme, the different disciplines related to information technology. Many people have a desire to be professionally prepared for a career in the IT industry as a whole, rather than becoming an expert in a particular field of study. The School therefore designed the study programme with the explicit aim of ensuring that students have grounding in all aspects deemed to be a necessary part of the background of the IT professional. The fourth study year includes a six-month learnership with participating organisations where students are employed as trainees.

Due to its nature, the curriculum is tightly prescribed, with relatively few options open to students. This ensures that the group of BIT students has a cohesive team spirit, and a shared ideal and vision. The curriculum is not for the faint-hearted and requires hard work and dedication. On successful completion, BIT graduates can continue with the part-time MIT study programme or any other master’s degrees in the School of Information Technology to complete their professional training.
The study programme prepares students to understand the use of IT in organisations. In particular, skills are developed to program on both a small and a large scale, and to design and implement IT solutions for organisations in a professional manner. Students learn about the use of information in organisations, and how to organise and retrieve information optimally. Sound communication skills and general problem-solving skills are developed throughout the study programme. This is underpinned by language and quantitative mathematical studies and the development of penetrating thinking abilities through a course in philosophy. The final-year learnership introduces students to the working world, and ensures their smooth transition to a professional work life after graduation.


Academic unit

Faculty: Engineering, Built Environment & IT

School: Information Technology

Closing dates for application

SA : 30 September 2013
Non-SA : 31 August 2013

Estimated cost

R45 670 - R50 237

Course contact

  • Name: Client Service Centre
    Tel: 012 420 3111

Additional information

Minimum subject and achievement requirements, as set out above, are required. On first-year level a student has a choice between Afrikaans and English as language medium. In certain cases, tuition may be presented in English, for example, in electives where the lecturer may not speak Afrikaans or in cases where it is not economically or practically viable.

Admission requirements

Minimum Requirements

Achievement level



Afrikaans or English





Should a candidate obtain an APS of 26 to 29, consideration for admission will be based on the results of the NBT, provided the quotas regarding student numbers have not been reached.

Duration of study

4 years

Main curriculum information


Computer Science


Programming and Advanced Programming


Computer Architecture

Software Engineering

Data Structures and Algorithms

Operating Systems

Academic Literacy

Academic Information Management

Linear Algebra


Discrete Structures



Financial Accounting

Business Management

Business Law

Community-based Project


Information Science


System Development


Information Organisation and Retrieval